The Truth About 23AndMe Coupons

Using a DNA test kit can allow you to access valuable information about your ethnic background, health predispositions, genetic reports, and living relatives without ever stepping foot into a doctor's office or laboratory. It's not surprising, then, that these simple-to-use kits are in such high demand; as is often the case when new access to technology arises, the prices for test kits is high enough to remain prohibitive for some consumers.

Potential testers with much to gain from access to their test results may find themselves in search of a 23andMe coupon or another form of discount that can bring down the price a bit. Though these can be difficult -- if not impossible -- to find, there are ways to save money on your test by understanding the pricing strategy of 23andMe and other popular test kits.

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Whether you're seeking initial results or looking for additional insight about your background, there are ways you can save money on your test without a 23andMe coupon.

Learn more about the 23andMe DNA testing kits.

Coupons: Frequently Asked Questions

This handy FAQ and guide to be sure you're getting the most out of your money when buying your test.

I'd really like to try out a DNA test kit, but the regular price is simply too high. Are there coupons available to me?

Savvy consumers are all too aware of the savings available through promo codes, and may find themselves turning to Google in search of a 23andMe coupon before proceeding with their purchase. While many popular coupon code databases turn up the company's name in their results, you're not likely to find many legitimate promo codes for 23andMe. Instead, you'll find references to other deals offered by the company.

Why is it so tough to find a coupon code when purchasing a 23andMe kit?

Rather than relying on expiring coupon codes that add another step to the checkout process, 23andMe uses special offers throughout the year as a way to market to consumers who may otherwise be hesitant to drop the cash required for a test kit. Although these are not technically coupons, they're actually a bit easier. You won't have to sort through a database to find one that works! Sales only exist for a limited time, but the same can be said for expiring coupon codes.

If you need a test immediately, you may not have much luck saving on the cost unless the test happens to be on sale. In this case, you may want to examine a lower-cost alternative.

When can I reasonably expect to find a 23andMe discount?

Most commonly, the 23andMe line of genetic tests goes on sale around holidays throughout the year. This isn't relegated to Christmas, as the tests also go on sale around Mother's and Father's Day and other gift-giving holidays. Amazon Prime members can enjoy a discount on the line of kits during the site's famed Prime Day, and the tests also drop in price to celebrate "DNA Day" every April 25th.

If I find a great sale and want to stock up, will my tests "go bad"?

Fortunately, the components of at-home DNA testing kits are simple sample collection materials that don't have an expiration date. This means that if you find an exceptional sale, you can feel free to buy as many test kits as you anticipate needing. They can be stockpiled until you're ready to use or gift them as long as they're safely kept in their original packaging in a clean, dry, temperate location.

I'd rather not buy my 23andMe test online. Does it ever go on sale in stores?

If you're someone who prefers to eschew online shopping altogether, you're not completely out of luck when it comes to saving money on your 23andMe kit. You may already know that the kit is sold at Target, CVS, and several other authorized retailers.

Kits that are sold in stores do not follow the same sales pattern as those sold online, which means that they are not on sale as frequently as their online counterparts. Eagle-eyed consumers have identified Black Friday as the best day to nab a discounted test in-store, especially at retailers like Walmart and Target that value the test as a high-ticket item.

I've seen 23andMe tests for sale that seem way too cheap to be real. Are they legit?

If you've searched for cheap 23andMe tests online or in-store, you may have seen some test kits that are priced exceptionally low. Instead of the "Welcome to You" branding typically seen on 23andMe boxes, they say the words "Personal Genetic Service", and have a bright green rectangle that lists directions. You may have wondered if these tests are real, and why they are so inexpensive, if so.

As long as these tests are being offered by an authorized retailer, you can be certain that they are legitimate. The difference between this kit and the two other DNA kits offered by 23andMe is that it only covers the cost of obtaining and submitting your saliva sample, including your test kit materials and shipping label. In order to actually obtain your DNA reports, you'll have to pay an additional lab fee.

You will be able to choose from ancestry + wellness service results for $69 or health + ancestry service results with additional health insights for $169. This means that unless you're buying the saliva collection kit at a steep discount, there's little to no savings accessible by testing in this manner.

Other Ways to Save Money on Your DNA Test

Bummed that you can't find 23andMe coupon codes, but don't want to wait for the site to offer a sale? You'll be happy to know that you're not without options! There are a few other potential ways to access your DNA results without breaking the bank.


Every once in awhile, Groupon will make an offer available for a discount on a top-name DNA test like 23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA, or MyHeritage. These sales don't always occur congruently with offers given by the providers themselves, so if you missed out on a 23andMe sale, it's worth investigating whether Groupon can save you a few dollars. The deals they're offering up generally aren't any better than those offered by the tests' manufacturers, however, so they're not worth waiting around for if kits are already discounted.

Exporting and Importing Raw Data

If you've already used a DNA test kit but would like further insight into your background or access to new genetic relatives, you may have the option of using your raw DNA data to obtain results from other services at a reduced rate. Some top tests allow users to export their DNA results in the form of a file. Meanwhile, some other competitors will accept this data in place of purchasing an additional kit, offering discounted prices on their ethnicity and ancestry results.

The downside to this is that while all the top companies let you export data, fewer accept raw data importing. The success of this relies on your willingness to choose one of the tests that will accept your DNA data -- 23andMe is not included in that selection. Wondering if raw data import is an option for you?

  • Sites that allow export of raw data: AncestryDNA, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage
  • Sites that allow import of raw data: FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage

Seeking Sales From Other Top Testing Companies?

Wondering when and how to save money on other top-name DNA tests? Check out this quick guide to the best times and ways to buy.


As 23andMe's top competitor, it makes sense that Ancestry follows a very similar sales structure. That means that Ancestry kits tend to go on sale around major gift-giving holidays, and users can anticipate saving between $10 and $30 on the base retail price by waiting for a sale on their Ancestry kit.

Is AncestryDNA all it's cracked up to be?

MyHeritage DNA

You're probably noticing a logical pattern by now -- MyHeritage, too, tends to go on sale around major holidays. However, buyers can look forward to the best discount in the base price, with shoppers typically saving $20 but sometimes as much as $30 when purchasing the kit on sale.

Why do people choose MyHeritage DNA over more popular rivals?

Family Tree DNA

When it comes to cost, FTDNA is already a winner in offering an every-day low price. There's even more money to be saved by waiting for holiday sales, but the budget-friendliness doesn't stop there. If you're interested in more advanced tests like mtDNA and Y-DNA tests, you'll be able to purchase them from FamilyTreeDNA in a bundle, which can save you quite a bit on otherwise costly lab work.

If you have a bigger budget and are serious about your genealogy, then FamilyTreeDNA may be for you,

The Final Word on 23andMe Promo Codes

If your main focus in obtaining your DNA test is getting your results on the cheap, you may be disappointed to learn that even with annual sales, 23andMe is still not your cheapest option. However, it offers health and wellness results that are at the top of its class and may help users identify health risks, as well as a robust genetic matching database and detailed DNA reports. Sales occur fairly frequently and do make the product quite a bit more affordable, so if you're able to wait and shop carefully, you'll be able to keep a few dollars in your pocket -- no coupon code required.

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Neil Edwards

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Following 9 years of honing his genealogical research skills, Neil was proud to have earned a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University in late 2019. Neil also took part in the research process for a Duke University study into the families of 19th Century UK Members of Parliament.

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