Weiner last name popularity, history, and meaning

Find out how popular the last name Weiner is in the United States and learn more about the meaning, history, and race and ethnic origin of people in America who are named Weiner.

Meaning of Weiner

A German occupational surname referring to a person who made or sold sausages or other meat products.

Weiner, like all of the last names we have data for, is identified by the U.S. Census Bureau as a surname which has more than 100 occurrences in the United States in the Decennial Census survey. The most recent statistics we have for the Weiner surname is from the 2010 census data.

Popularity of Weiner in America

Weiner is the 2546th most popular name in America based on the data we have collected from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Weiner surname appeared 14,208 times in the 2010 census and if you were to sample 100,000 people in the United States, approximately 5 people would have the surname Weiner.

We can also compare 2010 data for Weiner to data from the previous census in 2000. The table below contains all of the statistics for both years in a side-by-side comparison.

2010 2000 Change (%)
Rank 2546 2238 12.88%
Count 14,208 14,903 -4.77%
Proportion per 100k 4.82 5.52 -13.54%

The history of the last name Weiner

The surname Weiner is of German origin, specifically from the region of Bavaria. It is derived from the German word "Wein," which means "wine," and likely referred to someone who was involved in the wine trade or lived in an area known for winemaking.

In the Middle Ages, surnames often arose from occupations, locations, or personal characteristics. The name Weiner likely emerged in the 12th or 13th century when surnames started becoming more common in German-speaking regions.

One of the earliest recorded instances of the name Weiner can be found in the "Nuremberg Chronicles," a historic book published in 1493. It mentions a "Hans Weiner" from the city of Nuremberg, indicating that the name was already well-established by that time.

Another notable mention of the name Weiner comes from the "Augsburg Book of Citizens," which dates back to the 15th century. It lists several individuals with the surname Weiner, suggesting that the name had spread to other parts of Bavaria and neighboring regions.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Weiner surname appears in various records and documents across German-speaking areas, including church registers, tax records, and land deeds. This indicates that the name was well-established and prominent during this period.

One of the earliest known individuals with the surname Weiner was Johann Weiner, born in 1520 in the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria. He was a respected vintner and played a prominent role in the local wine trade.

Another notable figure was Hans Weiner (1540-1612), a renowned artist and painter from Nuremberg. His works can be found in several museums and galleries across Europe, and he was highly regarded during his lifetime.

In the 18th century, the Weiner name gained prominence in Austria, with the birth of Philipp Weiner (1732-1798), a prominent architect who designed several notable buildings in Vienna, including the Hofburg Palace.

During the 19th century, the name Weiner spread beyond German-speaking regions as individuals emigrated to other parts of Europe and the Americas. One notable example is Friedrich Weiner (1810-1892), a German-born author and journalist who settled in New York City and wrote extensively about the experience of German immigrants in the United States.

Another notable figure from this period was Karl Weiner (1862-1919), a renowned Austrian-born architect who designed several iconic buildings in Prague, including the Municipal House and the Lucerna Palace.

As the Weiner surname spread across different regions and countries, it underwent various spelling variations, such as Weinner, Weyner, and Weinert. However, the core meaning and origin remained rooted in the German word "Wein" and its association with the wine trade or winemaking regions.

Race and ethnic origin of people with the last name Weiner

We also have some data on the ancestry of people with the surname Weiner.

The below race categories are the modified race categories used in the Census Bureau's population estimates program. All people were categorized into six mutually exclusive racial and Hispanic origin groups:

  1. White only
  2. Black only
  3. American Indian and Alaskan Native only
  4. Asian and Pacific Islander only
  5. Hispanic
  6. Two or More Races

For the most recent 2010 census data, the race/ethnic origin breakdown for Weiner was:

Race/Ethnicity Percentage Total Occurrences
Non-Hispanic White Only 95.77% 13,607
Non-Hispanic Black Only 0.43% 61
Non-Hispanic Asian and Pacific Islander Only 0.51% 72
Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaskan Native 0.15% 21
Non-Hispanic of Two or More Races 1.07% 152
Hispanic Origin 2.07% 294

Note: Any fields showing (S) means the data was suppressed for privacy so that the data does not in any way identify any specific individuals.

Since we have data from the previous census in 2000, we can also compare the values to see how the popularity of Weiner has changed in the 10 years between the two census surveys.

2010 2000 Change (%)
White 95.77% 96.81% -1.08%
Black 0.43% 0.34% 23.38%
Asian and Pacific Islander 0.51% 0.42% 19.35%
American Indian and Alaskan Native 0.15% 0.03% 133.33%
Two or More Races 1.07% 0.98% 8.78%
Hispanic 2.07% 1.42% 37.25%

Data source

The last name data and ethnic breakdown of last names is sourced directly from the Decennial Census survey, conducted every 10 years by the United States Census Bureau.

The history and meaning of the name Weiner was researched and written by our team of onomatology and genealogy experts.

If you have a correction or suggestion to improve the history of Weiner, please contact us.

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