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How to Use the Cousin Calculator

Our cousin calculator is a simple tool that helps you to calculate and visualize the relationship between you and your cousin(s).

Simply select the relationship that you and your cousin share with your common ancestor, and we'll show you a tree that shows the relationship between you and your cousin.

So, let's say you want to find the relationship between you and your second cousin's child. The common ancestor is your great grandparent who would be the 2x great grandparent of your second cousin's child.

By selecting those options in the form, you'll see that you and your cousin are 2nd cousins once removed.

Optional Features

The only fields that are required are dropdown menu options for your relationship with the common ancestor and your cousin's relationship with the common ancestor.

However, what you can do to make the genealogy relationship chart a bit more meaningful is to add names to the option fields for you, your cousin, and the name of your common ancestor.

This way, you'll have a really interesting and unique tree which shows the relationships.

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